Overcoming the Feeling of Helplessness

Have you ever had that horrible feeling that you were helpless? That you couldn’t do a single thing to change the outcome of what was about to happen. That was me yesterday. I was driving on the highway on my way back from rescuing Harriet and Cora, when I came upon a livestock transport truck in front of me. 

My heart sank.  I have been in the animal welfare community for several years.  I knew the fate of these animals and the conditions inside the truck. I knew the details of the horrors. I could see eyes peering through the holes in the truck, but I could not make out what animals were inside.   It was not until I started to pass the truck that I realized who was inside.  Sheep.  Lots and lots of sheep.  To think that these last few hours of their lives are filled with fear, fills my heart with pain and sadness.

As tears began streaming down my cheeks, I asked myself what could I do?  I became nauseous and numb.  For a moment, I thought I would follow this truck to its destination, but then reality set in and I realized there was nothing I could do.  I pulled off the highway and watched the truck continue its journey to the sheep’s horrific fate.

How to save abused animals?

I thought about the sheep that I have back at the Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary.  I rescued them from the same fate as the sheep on that truck. Andy, Rocky, Opal, Cora and Harriet, have become our ambassadors for the other sheep that are victimized by factory farms or sheep that are abused by their owners.

If you like to learn more on how you can help these awesome beings, please visit   https://freedomfarmanimalsanctuary.org/how-you-can-help/


Lisa Miskella

Founder / Executive Director

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary

Cora before

Are Sheep Smart?

Sheep are extremely intelligent animals.  They can recognize faces of both humans and their flock mates.  They form individual friendships with certain members of their flock and become stressed if they cannot find their friends.

What are sheep raised for? Sheep are raised for both meat and wool. Is wool animal abuse? Yes, both are extremely cruel.

These animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling happiness and gratitude, as well as pain, suffering and grief. All these animals want is a safe, pain free life where they can be happy. These animals do not deserve the cruel fate that is being done to them, therefore my life’s work is to give as many farmed animals as I can, a life of a loving sanctuary, but I am only one sanctuary.

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