Rescued Donkeys have a Loving Home at FFAS

Our mission at the Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary is to provide a safe and permanent environment for donkeys rescued from abusive, neglectful, and dangerous situations. We work hard to to save these incredible animals while educating the public so we can create a safer, more sustainable future for them.  

Our first rescued donkey, Rico, has been a huge success. Rico was saved from a kill pen in Oklahoma. He had severe injuries and was labeled a hopeless case. We provided him with critical veterinary care funded by donations from supporters like you. Along with patience and love, Rico was rehabilitated and now loves the companionship of people.

Why is Donkey Rescue Urgent Now?

Donkey rescue is more important now than ever. A recent rise in the slaughter of donkeys for their hides has led to underpopulation in some countries. In China, where the gelatin from donkey hides is used to make a traditional medicine (known as ejiao), the donkey population has been decimated. China is now turning to Mexico and South America to keep up with demand. More and more traders in the United States are selling donkeys to Mexico, who sell them to China and other countries to be slaughtered.

Donkeys in captivity are often severely mistreated. Their average life span is between 25 – 30 years, although some can live up to 35 years with proper care. This long commitment can lead to abandonment by owners and lack of necessary veterinary services. Many donkeys are overworked as farm animals and left to die in pain.

Donkeys are Widely Misunderstood

There are pervasive stereotypes that they are stubborn animals and are a nuisance for landowners. To the contrary, donkeys are highly intelligent. They make great companions. They can form bonds with other donkeys, horses and other animals, and even people. They are playful and enjoy human interaction. Donkeys also have a high level of emotional intelligence. They can experience emotional anxiety even if they are only separated from their buddy for a short period of time. They are also known to grieve the death of a buddy.

Donkeys are Great Companions and Unique Service Providers

In addition to being great companions, donkeys provide critical and unique services. In some parts of the world, they are essential to farming, construction, and maintaining a clean water supply. Donkeys can create financial independence in impoverished communities. In the United States, donkeys are often used for camping and hiking. They can provide a unique experience and access to mountain trails that would otherwise be insurmountable.

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary Rescues and Rehabilitates Donkeys

At the Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary, we provide life-changing and life-saving care for these incredible animals. After surviving an abusive or neglectful situation, donkeys need to be healed physically and psychologically so they can trust humans again. This requires patience, time, and love. Rescued donkeys have shown that despite a difficult past, they have much love to offer in return.

Our sponsorship program is an opportunity for you to be involved in saving a donkey’s life. We believe it is our responsibility to show compassion for these incredible animals that have so much to give in return. We hope you will help and sponsor one of these exceptional creatures.

Rico saying hello
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